Game Changing Antenna & Microwave Technology

Anten’it is a product family of reusable block based antenna & microwave design and training hardware that is appropriate for design, training and prototyping.  

Anten’it Overview Video

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Anten’it is an antenna & microwave design and training hardware which offers a new approach to antenna & microwave component design. The brick based design methodology lets the users have reusable building blocks and iterate directly on the hardware.

Anten’it includes:

You can easily connect the cells and build your own antenna or microwave component. Anten’it is designed for 4 purposes:

Antenna Training                 Antenna Design & Prototyping                 

Microwave Training             Microwave Design & Prototyping


Anten’it Antenna Training Kit for Universities

Anten'it Antenna Training Kit is the only antenna trainer kit for teaching antenna design.

There are some antenna trainer kits for antenna laboratory lectures in the market. These kits include fabricated antennas. It is possible to show some antenna parameters such as VSWR, antenna gain, polarization, azimuth and elevation cuts with these kits but it is not possible to teach antenna design.

Anten’it is completely different from any other antenna trainer kit. It offers teaching antenna design in time-limited antenna laboratory lectures. Students can directly design, build and measure their own antennas in front of a network analyzer. All cells are re-usable. Therefore, students can fail, understand the root cause of their failure and change their design during the experiment. This process close the gap between analytical calculations and design iterations and called as active learning.

After the antenna laboratory lecture, all cells can be dismounted to prepare the kit for another student or student group.

There are experiment sheets in Anten'it Antenna Training Kit. They include theoretical background of antennas, examples and the process of designing antennas. Anten’it is appropriate for bachelor, master and PhD degrees of antenna education.

The details are in the product page.

Anten’it Multi-Antenna Kit for Researchers and System Engineers

Researchers and systems engineers use antennas for their researches. They need to buy new antennas each project with different antenna requirements.

Let's assume that a you need an UWB directional antenna with 10 dBi gain for the application. You explored that you need 12 dBi antnena gain during the project. Instead of buying a new antenna with 12 dBi gain, you can easily add new cells to the aperture of the Anten'it antenna and see the performance change in your system easily. There are many antenna parameters such as frequency, bandwidth, HPBW (half power beamwidth), gain, sidelobe etc. Each parameter change needs a different antenna resulting in new cost and loss of time. Anten'it Multi-Antenna Kit has a perfect solution for this problem.

Let's remember how you select antennas that meet your requirements. You look at datasheets, check the given specifications, find the appropriate antenna and purchase.

Anten'it provides you a datasheet booklet which covers over 100 antennas with different antenna parameters and at different frequencies. It also includes building instructions of those antennas. You can select the appropriate antenna for your application, follow the steps in antenna building instructions, build the antenna and use it. You don't need to buy new antennas at each project.

Anten'it is a kit that you can easily build many different antennas with different specifications. Therefore, when you buy Anten'it Multi-Antenna Kit, you actually buy many different antennas.

The details are in the product page.

Anten’it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit for Antenna Engineers

(Anten'it Antenna Research Kit for Universities-This is the academic version of Anten'it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit)

Antenna Engineers generally design antennas with computational electromagnetic software tools. The 3D drawing of the antenna is discretized into pieces by software tools. These pieces are called mesh cells. Software programs solve Maxwell Equations in mesh cells and show the result of the stepped structure. The mesh cells must be at least wavelength /10 to have correct results. The cells in Anten'it are like mesh cells in software tools. Different from software programs, Anten'it mesh cells are hardware cells. Therefore, engineers or researchers can directly connect them into together, measure the structure via a network analyzer, see the results, change them instantly and iterate easily.

The most common usage of Anten'it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit is prototyping. Antenna Engineers spend a long time to the fabrication of design iterations. Different from 3D printer structures, all Anten'it cells are re-usable. There is no soldering in this kit. There are 3 different dielectric cell types with different dielectric constants. Therefore, Anten'it offers a re-usable additive antenna manufacturing method. Anten'it allows rapid prototyping of your designs. This prevents the waste of cost and time.

The results of the classical and Anten'it antennas are close to each other. This is similar to the relation between the results of the simulation tools and manufactured antennas. Even if antenna engineers draw a solid structure, simulation tools use stepped structures and give similar results with the manufactured solid antennas. Anten'it use the same principle and have very similar results with the solid antennas.

Modular structure of Anten'it makes it a perfect tool for building antenna arrays. The topology can be changed easily.

The details are in the product page.