Anten'it Antenna Training Kit has antenna design teaching ability. Students can directly design many kinds of antennas and see the measurement results simultaneously in front of a network analyser. There are experiment sheets explaining how to design antennas  and how to change some specs during the experiment. Students learn both antenna design basics and antenna measurement during the experiments. There is a standard suggested kit and custom experiments can also be selected from the list.

The customizable structure of Anten'it Antenna Training Kit also provides to add experiments to your existing antenna training system.

More details are in the PDF document below:

Antenna Training Kit Product Details

Anten'it Antenna Research Kit is an excellent hardware for research purposes. Metal and dielectric cells in the research kit provide reseachers and students to try many antenna types and novel configurations. Researchers can even change the antenna structure during the antenna measurement. It is a flexible kit which is appropriate for bachelor, master and PhD level thesis. Researchers can use Anten'it Antenna Research Kit for their journal paper studies.

The detailed information is in the PDF document below:

Antenna Research Kit Product Details

Let's think about how you select antennas for your electronic systems, research or concept demonstration ?

You look at the datasheets and find an appropriate antenna meeting your requirements.

Anten'it Multi-Antenna Kit has the capability of building more than 100 COTS (Commercial-off-the-shelf) antennas. There is a datasheet booklet with the kit. It includes many datasheets with the measured results. You can find the appropriate antenna for your application and follow the steps in antenna building instructions document. The users can build the antenna and use it. You don't need to know antenna design to use this antenna.

You don't need to buy new antennas at each project. The detailed document is in the PDF document below:

Multi-Antenna Kit Product Details

Anten'it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit is a hardware which has distinguishing prototyping features. Antenna Engineers can use it practically to build their prototypes and measure the results. Different from 3D printers, Anten'it kits has re-usable cells. Therefore it presents a re-usable additive manufacturing method to its users.

The kit also allows to design an antenna directly in front of a Network Analyzer. Antenna engineers can calculate their initial design and iterate via the hardware cells. There are metal cells, dielectric cells, connectors and ground planes in the kit.

Another usage of the kit is for conceptual designs. Anten'it can build many different kinds of antennas and antenna arrays. This lets the kit to be used for building antenna systems such as DF (direction finding) antennas, radar, communication systems, MIMO systems, IOT (Internet of things), 5G antennas etc.

This kit includes datasheet booklet and antenna building instructions.

More details about Anten'it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit is in the PDF document below:

Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit Product Details

For purchasing the kits, please send an e-mail to sales [at] antenit [dot] com.


Antenna Trainer

Anten'it Antenna Training Kit has an ability of teaching antenna design to the students. The students can directly design and build antennas in front of a network analyzer and learn the relation between physical dimensions and electromagnetic parameters.

Antenna Research

Anten'it Antenna Research Kit is a useful tool for realizing your projects. You can use it either as an antenna design hardware or realizing/prototyping your designs. This lets the Kit to be used for bachelor, master and PhD level thesis and researches.

Antenna Prototyping

Antenna engineers mostly use antenna simulation software or antenna design software to design antennas. Anten'it is an agile and inexpensive tool for prototyping your designs.

Multi-Antenna Feature

Anten'it Multi-Antenna Kit has a datasheet booklet which includes many antenna datasheets up to 6 GHz. There are building instructions of those antennas explaining how to build the antennas step by step. You have over 100 different antenna datasheets and building instructions with one kit.

Antenna Design

Anten'it is an antenna design hardware that can be used to directly design and iterate your physical dimensions in front of a network analyzer. Depending on the results, antenna engineers can change the parameters instantly.

Antenna Array Design

Anten'it has an ultra modular structure. This provides generating array antennas at different topologies easily. Students or engineers can also compare the results of uniform, non-uniform, planar or linear arrays in very short duration.