Antenna laboratory lectures are an important part of antenna education. After learning the theoretical background in electromagnetics, microwave and antenna lectures, only antenna laboratory lectures visualize students to see and understand some specifications of antennas. There are some antenna training kits including some kind of antennas. These kits are practically used to explain some parameters of antennas. But they don’t have the ability to teach antenna design. There are CEM software programs for the designing and analyzing antennas in computer environment. Some universities have CEM software programs and PCB or machining infrastructures. It is expensive and time-consuming to teach CEM software programs and fabricate the design for each student. Furthermore, most of the universities do not have these kinds of infrastructures.

Anten’it has metal cells, dielectric cells, ground planes, connectors, cables and experiment sheets. Students can use the same cells in order to build different kind of antennas. Antenna type, frequency, half-power beam width (HPBW), gain can be changed easily via Anten’it cells. Re-usage feature of Anten’it cells provide students to learn many antenna designs with one kit.

If a university has antenna laboratory equipment like network analyzer, turn-table and some kind of antennas, Anten’it can be integrated to the experiments easily by adding antenna design experiments. Students can measure their designs with the existing network analyzer or turn-tables.

If there is no antenna laboratory equipment at the university, Anten’it also offers network analyzer and turn-tables of their partner companies and provide a compact solution to its customers.

Antenna laboratory lecturers can select the antenna types that they want to teach during the antenna laboratory lectures. So, Anten’it can be configured in terms of cell types and cost. It is very flexible to add new antenna types with Anten’it. We can offer additional cells and experiment sheets for new antenna types.

Antenna arrays are very useful for many applications. Anten’it is appropriate for antenna array designs. This let the students to learn about array antenna design as a part of antenna laboratory lectures.