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Anten’it is a product family of reusable block based antenna & microwave design and training hardware that is appropriate for design, training and prototyping.  

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Anten’it is an antenna & microwave design and training hardware which offers a new approach to antenna & microwave component design. The brick based design methodology lets the users have reusable building blocks and iterate directly on the hardware.

Anten’it includes:

You can easily connect the cells and build your own antenna or microwave component. Anten’it is designed for 4 purposes:

Antenna Training                 Antenna Design & Prototyping                 

Microwave Training             Microwave Design & Prototyping


Anten'it kits are for direct design in hardware environment but we also supply 3D CAD files that can be imported to electromagnetic simulation tools and CST Studio files (For CST Studio, we have model files and for other simulation tools, you can use 3D CAD files).

Anten’it Antenna Training Kit for Universities

Anten'it Antenna Training Kit is the only antenna trainer kit for teaching antenna design.

There are some antenna trainer kits for antenna laboratory lectures in the market. These kits include fabricated antennas. It is possible to show some antenna parameters such as VSWR, antenna gain, polarization, azimuth and elevation cuts with these kits but it is not possible to teach antenna design.

Anten’it is completely different from any other antenna trainer kit. It offers teaching antenna design in time-limited antenna laboratory lectures. Students can directly design, build and measure their own antennas in front of a network analyzer. All cells are reusable. Therefore, students can fail, understand the root cause of their failure and change their design during the experiment. This process closes the gap between analytical calculations and design iterations and is called active learning.

After the antenna laboratory lecture, all cells can be dismounted to prepare the kit for another student or student group.

There are experiment sheets in Anten'it Antenna Training Kit. They include theoretical background of antennas, examples and the process of designing antennas. Anten’it is appropriate for bachelor, master and PhD degrees of antenna education.

The details are in the product page.






Anten’it Microwave Training Kit for Universities

Anten'it Microwave Training Kit is the only microwave trainer kit for teaching design of microstrip and waveguide components during the time-limited microwave laboratory lectures.

Apart from any other microwave trainer kit, Anten'it microwave training kit is the only microwave training kit allowing the students to design their own microwave components. Students design their design with analytical formulas, build the microwave components and iterate to reach target parameters.

The essential microstrip experiments include microstrip power dividers (T-junction, Wilkinson power divider and resistive power divider), microwave stub filters (bandpass filter, bandstop filter, stepped impedance low pass filter), lumped element filters (bandpass filter, bandstop filter, low pass filter, high pass filter), 180 degree Hybrid coupler, 90 degree quadrature coupler, matching circuit with lumped elements, matching circuit with stub tuning, quarter wave transformer and rectangular waveguide & attenuator design.

The advanced microwave experiments include waveguide components which are for project based learning combining the simulation and hardware experience which is appropriate for master and PHD level education. There are waveguide iris filter (bandpass filter), post filter (bandpass filter), high impedance low impedance low pass filter design in the experiments.

Students will meet the enjoyable design part of RF lectures after the theoretical education.

The details are in the product page.

Anten’it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit for Antenna Engineers

(Anten'it Antenna Research Kit for Universities-This is the academic version of Anten'it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit)

Antenna Engineers generally design antennas with computational electromagnetic software tools. The 3D drawing of the antenna is discretized into pieces by software tools. These pieces are called mesh cells. Software programs solve Maxwell Equations in mesh cells and show the result of the stepped structure. The mesh cells must be at least wavelength /10 to have correct results. The cells in Anten'it are like mesh cells in software tools. Different from software programs, Anten'it mesh cells are hardware cells. Therefore, engineers or researchers can directly connect them into together, measure the structure via a network analyzer, see the results, change them instantly and iterate easily.

The most common usage of Anten'it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit is prototyping. Antenna Engineers spend a long time to the fabrication of design iterations. Different from 3D printer structures, all Anten'it cells are re-usable. There is no soldering in this kit. There are 3 different dielectric cell types with different dielectric constants. Therefore, Anten'it offers a re-usable additive antenna manufacturing method. Anten'it allows rapid prototyping of your designs. This prevents the waste of cost and time.

The results of the classical and Anten'it antennas are close to each other. This is similar to the relation between the results of the simulation tools and manufactured antennas. Even if antenna engineers draw a solid structure, simulation tools use stepped structures and give similar results with the manufactured solid antennas. Anten'it use the same principle and have very similar results with the solid antennas.

Modular structure of Anten'it makes it a perfect tool for building antenna arrays. The topology can be changed easily.

The details are in the product page.

Anten’it Microwave Design and Prototyping Kit for Microwave Engineers

(Anten'it Microwave Research Kit for Universities-This is the academic version of Anten'it Microwave Design and Prototyping Kit)

Anten'it Microwave Design and Prototyping Kit is mainly for fast prototyping without waiting to purchase materials and production time. Since all pieces are reusable, the same microwave blocks can be used to build different components. There are special blocks for microstrip components, waveguide components and lumped elements.

Waveguide components are expensive even if it is just a waveguide adapter. With this kit, different waveguide components can be built with the blocks, can be used, dismounted afterwards and reused for another component. There are also 3D CAD Models of some waveguides, waveguide iris filter, waveguide post filter, high impedance low impedance low pass filter, magic tee, directional coupler and power divider. 3D CAD models can be imported to electromagnetic simulation tools in order to build more complex structures. You can use material properties given with the kits. If you have CST Studio, you can directly use CST Studio files of these components.

It is very easy to build microstrip components with the microwave design kit. There are 3 different types of dielectrics with 2.6, 4.4 and 8 dielectric constants. 3D CAD models and CST Studio files of microstrip components are also supplied with the kit but it is also easy to design and build the microstrip components without simulation and build in a short duration.

The details are in the product page.