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Microwave Training Kit

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Anten'it Microwave Training Kit is the only kit where students design their own microwave components during time-limited microwave training classes. Students learn the basic concepts of microwave while making their own designs. Thus, instead of observing or measuring some ready-made components, they make the designs of structures such as filters, couplers, matching circuits, power dividers, etc. starting from theoretical calculation, and then they can do iteration, which is one of the essential concepts of engineering, by hand, and they can quickly learn both the basic concepts of microwave, design and iteration. This method is designed to accelerate students' progress on their learning curve. Students mature in a shorter time. Academicians have a more mature team in a shorter time.

There is an experiment box and experiment sheet for each experiment. Each box is organized to follow the experiment sheet, design and build the microwave component. There are a total of 11 experiments in the kit, including the design of waveguide and microstrip components. Standard small kits consist of 6 experiments and large kits consist of 11 experiments. However, since the kits are fully customizable, you can customize them by selecting the desired number of experiments and microwave component types. There are metal blocks, dielectric blocks, ground planes, connectors, cables, spare parts and a USB stick in the kits.

Anten'it Library Software is available free of charge with Anten'it Microwave Education Kits at the moment. Moreover, it is free of charge not only for academicians but also for students of the relevant school. Anten'it Library Software contains 3D CAD files of the microwave component types included in the experiments, you can import these files into any electromagnetic simulation program and simulate them. CST Studio and IMST Empire XPU models can be downloaded from the program ready for simulation. Apart from these, there are experiment sheets of the experiments included in the kit, the theoretical antenna pattern drawing tool for some antenna types and tools for calculating some filters.

The experiments in Anten'it Microwave Training Kit are below:

1. Rectangular Waveguide and Attenuator Design Experiment

2. Impedance Matching Circuit Design with Lumped Elements

3. Impedance Matching Circuit Design with Microstrip Stubs & λ/4 Transformer

4. Microstrip Power Dividers Design Experiment (3 Types of Dividers)

5. Microstrip Quadrature 90° Coupler Design Experiment

6. Filter Designs with Lumped Elements (All four types of filters)

7. Microstrip Bandpass and Bandstop Filter Design Experiment (via Stubs)

8. Microstrip Stepped Impedance Low Pass Filter Design Experiment

9. Microstrip 180 degree Hybrid Coupler Design Experiment

10. Waveguide Iris Filter Design Experiment (*Advanced)

11. Waveguide Post Filter Design Experiment (*Advanced)

A standard small microwave training kit includes six of these experiments with the numbers: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9.

More Details about about Anten'it Microwave Training Kit is in the PDF document below:

Anten’it Microwave Training Kit Datasheet


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Anten’it is a patent pending product of Antenom Antenna Technologies